Internet has become an important and easy way of communication around the world. “In the Middle East, there are an estimated 90,419,935 Internet users, and between 2000 and 2012 the region has shown an impressive internet usage growth rate” Internet World Statues (2001). Many people from different countries use internet as important as it is at work field or at home. Also many teenagers use internet at school or at home either for fun or for doing their projects. Internet is a good way for doing work or project, these days many student use internet as an important way of getting information or doing their researches and even doing their projects. As a result internet can be used for many things, positive or negative. On the other hand, internet can be also harm for students, because some when student do their work get distracted in playing online games or chatting with their friends on emails or Facebook and many other social websites can be distracted for them so they don’t get the work done on time. “Research by Cox Communications Inc., in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children ® (NCMEC) and TV host and children’s advocate John Walsh reveals that more parents are talking to their children about the potential dangers of the Internet. However, many teens remain unconcerned about the risks of sharing personal info on the Internet and nearly two-thirds post photos or videos of themselves on social networks like MySpace and Friendster.” Online Safety Site. (2013). Parents should consider when their kids are left unsupervised on the Internet. Teenagers are brave and they think they are immortal. Some teenagers will not think twice about posting their address, phone number and picture online. They also openly chat with adults. This essay will discuss whether the internet has a bad or good effect on teenagers.

The internet is a system of network that is used by users on the wide scale. Teenagers usually spend a lot of time chatting online with their, and swapping information. Also, teenagers are educating themselves about other’s comparisons and modifications. Many people use the internet particularly emails to communicate with other people and also exchanging opinions or ideas with several people. Every teenager is charged to use the internet anyplace and anywhere they are. It is used at home for social reasons along with educational aims. Moreover, many teenagers are addicted and enjoy using social sites, such as Facebook and twitter. Almost many teenagers have the access to register and use these sites as an entree to interact, and communicate with other people. Furthermore, internet is also used for finding or looking for information on different subjects or themes rather just for social motives. “The internet is a place for teenagers to express themselves freely, without an adult hanging over them or being hindered by physical communication or parental approval in every aspect. It’s a way to get away from daily stress and normal life. While some parents and teachers are concerned about negative effects of internet on teenagers’ lives, the bottom line is that they should be trusted. Trusting a teen is the best way to ensure that they’re being responsible on the internet.”( The Positives and Negatives of Internet Usage). Student also can easily send emails to their teachers online if they have any difficulty going and seeing them.

Firstly, from one side some people agree that the internet has positive effect on the teenagers. Many teenagers use the internet at school and even in their free time. At school they use the internet as it is a method to education. Teenage student study online and also they use internet to get information for doing their projects or some reports. Moreover, some schools use online subjects and sometimes teach student online so in this situation internet conceders. One point is that teenagers can use the internet as a access to information and doing their homework. Another thing is they can learn many things using internet for example; teenagers can learn many languages and translate them in Google. One of the famous searching engines is Google. Google is easy access for many people to use, and it gives them wide-range for searching about several topics. However, a lot of teenagers use YouTube website as an alternative of radio to listen and watch to the musical and scientific videos. Many teenagers prefer surfing the internet in their free time more that doing other activities.

On the other side, other people argue that the internet has bad effect on teenagers, and they should not be allowed to use the internet in schools. As some teenagers do in schools they do their work or their homework in classes but in the same time when they get bored, they get distracted in doing other stuff for example like; playing online games, chatting with friends online, surfing the internet or watching programs or song videos and even online movies. Another fact is that some teenagers share their personal information with strangers which they should not trust. As many people know that Facebook or other programs that includes chat, gives many teenagers or even adult to chat and communicate with each other. “Professor Fogarty from the University of Florida reported that adult predators often use Internet chat rooms to initiate improper relationships with teens with the hopes of seducing the teen into sexual acts. Though girls age 13 to 17 are most at risk for this exploitation, boys can also fall victim to online sexual predators”(negative effects of the internet). However, they also share their personal videos or pictures in some websites, and some teenagers also send their personal stuff to those who they chat with online. So in this situation parents should put an eye on their children so that they don’t get into trouble and get blackmailed by strangers. Moreover, many students spend all their free time using the internet. “When teens spend many hours per day using the Internet, they reduce the time they have to spend with family and on school work and physical activities. In addition, according to an article written by Kate Fogarty, assistant professor with the Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences at the University of Florida, a teen who goes online for two or more hours, three or more times a week, faces a higher risk of falling prey to online sexual exploitation.” (Bad Effects of the Internet on Teens). Some teenagers also get involved in chatting online or doing other stuff using the internet and they forget about people who are around them. Teenagers should spend some time with their families and other relatives instead of wasting all their time using the internet. Getting away from family and not spending time with them weakens the relationship between them.

In conclusion, I agree that the internet has positive and also negative effects on many people, specially teenagers, so parents should be aware of their children and how are they using this method and in what way. And does the internet affects their studies or not, many people keep asking these questions and they find many answers. Some think that in this generation many people use the internet in many things so why not teenagers use it as a useful way in collecting information or doing projects. While there are some bad effects, the internet can be distracting for some teenagers so they must be careful and know how to use it.


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